World Registry of Internet Domains

  • 01. Global Reach We and our partners have invested in infrastructure deployments at various locations globally. We handle the selection, negotiation and relationship management with Infrastructure providers around the world.
  • 02. Security In order to reduce security risks to minimum, a holistic approach to security is required. Our security processes are born out of a clear definition of the threats to our system.
  • 03. Support We provide extensive support to all our services and products. For more information on how to become a WorldRID Reseller, please contact our sales team at
  • 04. Load Balancing All WorldRid Web Services are developed and deployed in a fashion so as to support Load Balancing in order to provide redundancy and high availability
  • 05. Easy Control We offer easy control panels for all our services.

WorldRID Reseller Program Benefits

  • No account activation fee
  • No monthly commitments
  • No annual membership fees
  • 7/24 technical support
  • Powerful API
    Enables you to integrate the WorldRID application into your Web site.
  • White-label Whois
    Helps you protect your brand.
  • Free services for each domain names
    transfer lock, auto renew, Managed DNS, E-mail and Web Forwarding Services, Whois ID Protect services up-to first 50 000 domain names.
  • Competitive pricing based on the business volume
    One-stop-shop for a large number of gTLDs and ccTLDs to your customers.
  • Manage your account in your own language
    WorldRID Web Interface supports localization
  • We do not deal directly with, or, market our services directly to customers and end-users directly.
World Registry of Internet Domains (World RID)
  WorldRID, is one of the largest private label Web Solutions Providers in the world and an industry leader in providing end-to-end automation to Domain Resellers, Web Hosts, Web Designers, and other Web Service companies. We provide the most comprehensive Product Portfolio at the most competitive prices. We currently provide our Products and Services and power the backend infrastructure and software of thousands of Web Hosts worldwide.
  Our Product portfolio includes a wide range of Web services - Domain Registration (gTLDs and ccTLDs), Linux and Windows Hosting, Mail Hosting, Mail AntiSpam, Mail AntiVirus, SSL, etc. All WorldRID's Resellers are able to offer this suite of domain registration and associated services through the company's proprietary XML Application Program Interface (API) or Web Interface, its Web-based Management tool.
   Recognised as a secure and stable industry leader, WorldRID provides a balance of simplicity and flexibility for new resellers. Our trusted services and reliable set of tools provide realtime domain name registration, management and other value-added services to register service providers for their customers through their Web site or Web Interface.
   WorldRID focuses on customer needs, thus our products and services grow with our resellers. WorldRID will continue to improve competitiveness of the companies by using its professionalism, support services and extra value-added services.

  For more information on how to become a WorldRID Reseller, please contact our sales team at